Why Big Pot?

  • Flexibility

    The Big Pot smart grid is bi-directional and allows households to participate and sell energy produced by their privately owned solar power equipment or power generators, thus making more financially efficient use of their power generation capacity and increased asset utilisation.

  • Transparency

    All metering and payment will operate automatically on a block-chain based mobile/web application. Consumers and producers will be able to view in real time all relevant transaction details, ensuring that both parties trust the system.

  • Resilience

    The Big Pot grid utilises dispersed generation and distribution infrastructure and therefore has no central point of failure.

  • Reliable Service Provision

    The resilience and robustness of the Big Pot grid mean that electricity services provided will be reliable, forming the basis for great user-product relationship unlike what currently obtains between Nigerians and energy services.

  • About Us

    What is Big Pot?

    Big Pot is a power utility company which will provide energy to small and medium-sized residences and businesses through smart community microgrids formed by geographically dispersed privately and commercially owned solar photovoltaic panel installations, fossil fuel based power generators and lithium-ion battery storage. Various residences and businesses host fractions of the power generation infrastructure and the need for dedicated land resources to house a central local power plant is eliminated. Using supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), the dispersed energy infrastructure is aggregated and managed like one single large capacity resource with reliable output, supplying power to members of the smart grid on demand and making a Big Pot full of energy that others can tap into. Join us as we explore this ground-breaking idea with the aim of solving Nigeria's power problem.

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Meet the Team

  • Oluyemi Jegede, PhD

    Oluyemi Jegede, PhD

    Project Lead and CO-FOUNDER

    Oluyemi is a renewable energy specialist with broad knowledge and experience in renewable energy technologies (solar PV, solar thermal, hydro, biomass and wind), renewable energy economics and policy, financial analysis and the ability to turn analysis into meaningful insights and commercial strategy. More importantly, he is an ardent believer in the promise of a thriving Nigeria and his passion has seen him birth the Big Pot initiative.

  • Temi Jegede

    Temi Jegede


    Temi has extensive software development experience (JAVA, XML, C++/ C, Python, Swift, PHP, Assembly, Solidity (Blockchain development) and MATLAB) stemming from a host of industry and University-based projects that have seen him contribute to the initiative’s growth in terms of Control and Instrumentation, Power Systems and Advanced Electronics.

  • Olubukola Aluko

    Olubukola Aluko


    Olubukola has business consulting and design experience (SAP, Adobe CC), he has extensive experience with startups and a keen sense of business innovation. These skills have seen him engage in a number of initiatives across a host of established and emerging industries in Nigeria. His interests include E-business, Management consulting, Business Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility.


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