About Bigpot

At Bigpot, the overarching mission is to relentlessly shoot for an Africa with secure, affordable and sustainable energy.

Of the 2.4 billion additional people expected to be added to this planet by 2050, 1.3 billion will be added in Africa. Couple this figures with a rapidly urbanising and developing Africa, the result is an explosive growth in the demand for energy.  In other words, Africa's already challenging energy situation is bound to get much worse- if we fail to act. At Bigpot, we are determined to play a role in solving this energy crisis. We believe there are three intertwined focal points to this energy problem- affordability, security and sustainability.  

Energy Security: Bigpot seeks to play a role in concert with other relevant organisations to ensure that the resources that Africa needs to produce clean and sustainable energy are secure. Long term security of energy supply requires steady investment of attention and finances from both public and private sector stakeholders. Historically, African countries have depended on fossil fuels to produce energy. This is an insecure system because of the political volatiltiy and finite nature of such space. African countries must pursue more secure resources, reinforcing their ability to keep the light on for everyone in the long term. 

Energy Affordability: At Bigpot, the belief is that right to affordable energy for the African is a fundamental right. Access to energy for homes and businesses is a key component of industrial growth which in turn is central to the much needed economic growth on the continent. To this effect, Bigpot will continually innovate and cooperate with other stakeholders  to drive down the cost of of energy services on the African continent. 

Energy Sustainability: Bigpot will only pursue solutions which help to move Africa towards a future where sustainable energy is the norm. The impact of relying on fossil fuel cannot be overstated, the underlying effects ranging from adverse health to the unfavourable climate change. Fortunately, Africa is blessed with enormous renewable resources which can be exploited to this end. Furthermore, because Africa's energy infrastructure isn't yet fully developed, there is an opportunity to leapfrog directly to clean energy without the head ache of dealing with a redundant fossil fuel infrastructure. At Bigpot, we will work with other stakeholders to seize this vital opportunity. 

The first step of this journey is the development of smart energy share systems. These systems facilitate the sharing of diesel generator among co-located residences and business, translating into more efficient (lower greenhouse emission and lower fuel usage per kWh of electricity generated) use of the generators. These smart energy systems are renewable energy ready. In essence, they are a bridge technology aimed at the total phase-out of fossil fuel generator use on the planet.

Meet the Team

Oluyemi Jegede, PhD

CEO and Co-founder

Oluyemi is a whole energy systems specialist. His interests cut across the multiple energy vectors and the interactions between energy supply, demand and the wider economy. More importantly, he is an ardent believer in the promise of a thriving Nigeria and his passion has seen him birth the Bigpot initiative.

Bukola Aluko


Olubukola has business consulting and design experience (SAP, Adobe CC), he has extensive experience with startups and a keen sense of business innovation. These skills have seen him engage in a number of initiatives across a host of established and emerging industries in Nigeria.

Temi Jegede


Temi has extensive software development experience (JAVA, XML, C++/ C, Python, Swift, PHP, Solidity (Blockchain development) stemming from a host of industry and University-based projects that have seen him contribute to the initiative’s growth in terms of power systems and software development.