Bigpot provides intelligent monitoring, control and sharing of electricity through blockchain-based software and the advanced power systems technology.
Bigpot Infographic
For Businesses
Unleash the financial and environmental benefits of sharing power generation equipment with other businesses nearby with the Bigpot share system. Use Bigpot Insight to view live and historical breakdown of your energy usage and costs with an aim to manage peak demand time periods. Interested? Drop us a line here
For Residences
Form a smart microgrid with your neighbours and say bye bye to power cuts. Use Bigpot Insight to check the fine details of your power share with your neighbours. No hidden charges, everybody saves money. Interested? Drop us a line here
For Utility Companies
Offer your customers the Bigpot Insight, a modern, user-friendly energy monitoring dashboard where they can make payments seamlessly and closely monitor energy usage. Manage and analyse all your customer data in granular detail using Bigpot Insight. Interested? Drop us a line here